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With over five decades of knowledge, expertise and experience, Metal Seam Co. Pvt. Ltd. has redefined the packaging industry in India by manufacturing supreme quality of steel drums and barrels. With a young and dynamic team, our aim is to provide complete one-stop solutions for all your packaging needs with our extensive product lines and exceptional efficiency.
20L Paint Drum Berger
20L Paint Drum Asian
Open Top Bucket
210L Barrel

Our History

In the early 1900’s, a legendary entrepreneur was born in a humble village of Uttar Pradesh, India. A man of great courage and a modest heart, Shri Suraj Bhan Agarwal proved that motivation and hard work are the only things an individual needs prior to traversing into an unknown path of life.

The lack of funds or the continuing hardships imposed by a regular Indian family lifestyle did not deter his spirit; they only inspired him to dream bigger and achieve higher ...

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