Our History

In the early 1900’s, a legendary entrepreneur was born in a humble village of Uttar Pradesh, India. A man of great courage and a modest heart, Shri Suraj Bhan Agarwal proved that motivation and hard work are the only things an individual needs prior to traversing into an unknown path of life.

The lack of funds or the continuing hardships imposed by a regular Indian family lifestyle did not deter his spirit; they only inspired him to dream bigger and achieve higher. Unlike many other entrepreneurs today, his vision was not limited only to profitable earnings, but also dedicated to satiating his undying passion for technology and engineering.

However, destiny had its own plans and there were a lot of roadblocks before his vision could be put into reality. Giving into daily trials of life, he tried his hand at a diverse range of ventures till he finally settled to become a successful Insurance Agent, where his honesty and dedication quickly earned him a respectable name.

As the years passed by, his desire to set up an individual enterprise only kept getting stronger, until one day, with the relentless support of my mother, he moved on from a successful position in the Insurance field to pursue his dream. With a family of six children to support and a meagre amount of Rs. 2,000 in hand, it was an extremely difficult step for him to undertake. Nevertheless, he defied the prevailing circumstances and nurtured the company from an individualist venture to a family of over three hundred people, with operations that have been growing successfully each year.

With my father as my guide, we have made Metal Seam the leading firm in the Indian manufacturing industry for steel drums and barrels today. Despite his absence, his vision continues to live in our hearts forming the very foundation of this company.

-Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal

Managing Director of Metal Seam Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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